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Metal cutting for memorial

Client: Lincoln Memorial

March, 2018

Lincoln’s engineering history

Ask any visitor to Lincoln, indeed ask many locals, where the first tank was produced and many will be unaware that the first tank was built in the City of Lincoln by William Foster and Co.  Theirs is just one name from a long list of great engineering firms that used to dominate the City and provide employment for many of its residents.  Ruston Hornsby who produced diesel engines, Ruston Bucyrus who produced steam excavators and James Dawson and Co, who still exist in the City, manufacturing belting and hose – these companies along with many others produced goods that were exported all over the world.

The purpose of the Tank Memorial is to educate people and commemorative Lincoln’s great engineering history. The memorial is in the form of a partly constructed tank, it has no guns as no production tank ever fired a shot in Lincoln and the male and female figures standing around the tank are dressed in their work wear with spanners and paintbrushes in their hands.  The memorial also includes the figures of Tritton, Rigby and Wilson who were the designers, developers and manufacturers of the tank.

Cutting Edge Laser are proud to have cut much of the metal work for this exciting project, including the tank ‘blueprints’.

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